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Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 24 Jun 2005
Time: 02:01:33 -0500


One thing that I have been contemplating: Criminals are not that difficult to find if the search is global. If a superhero organization had sufficient resources and personnel to handle trouble wherever it arose, it would never lack worthwhile foes. Genocide is occuring as we speak in some countries. Slavery still exists in some countries. Prostitution is not a pretty industry, but there are some places where brothels are stocked with people literally kidnapped and held captive to be raped for money! Occasionally serial killers are released on technicalities and are allowed to merge back into the general population. I have a newspaper clipping describing a man who raped a woman and CUT OFF HER ARMS! He later was released from prison and soon had killed someone else!!! Why was no-one watching him? Why would anyone EVER let him out!!!????? If an organization of superheroes with sufficient resources to be truly global could be assembled they would NEVER lack for important work!!!

Re: Username / Password

From: Chris
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 08 May 2006
Time: 22:37:46 -0500


Sorry, I meant secured forums of course.

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