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Re: How to be a Crimefighter

From: The Doktor
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 23 Jul 2005
Time: 18:06:15 -0500


OR, you could just take a good 10-gauge and scatter his head all over the pavement. You could also turn him into a well-ventilated corpse using your trusty ol' chicago-typewriter. You could also tie him up and shove a pipe bomb down his throat. :) That's fun. Though killing isn't always necessary. A good maiming is also a good deterrent. Shattering their kneecaps with any heavy bludgeon is one good way. You could also pop out their eyeballs with your thumbs, or rip off their dangly bits with your bare hands. Torture is also fun. A good pair of thumbscrews are easily carried and keep a criminal subdued quite nicely. A scalpel will also scare burglars merely by the site of it.

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