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Re: Life, or something like it

Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 29 Jul 2005
Time: 01:20:33 -0500


Dear TOECUTTER: Who says none of us give to charity or volunteer? Who says none of us are members of law enforcement agencies or the military? That, however, is beside the point. We are in our small way trying to make the world a better place and perhaps to inspire people. I find it odd that our well-intentioned activities should disturb you so deeply. If you want to berate people, I suggest you start elsewhere, perhaps with white supremacy sites and people such as NAMBLA, an organization devoted to molesting very young boys. With sites such as those out there, why are you wasting your time screaming at people who only want to help and protect people? Perhaps we are nothing more than hobbyists, but since when was that such an offence? I don't get it.

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