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An Age Of Heroes

From: the Confessor
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 17 Aug 2005
Time: 17:36:36 -0500


I'm new here, but that's only because I didn't know about it before. I believe in the Heroic Ethic, "Heroes don't let bad things happen to good people." I've come a long way in my belief in justice. I believe that there is a turn in people's life sometimes, down a road that's never been followed, sometimes it was a choice some times a reaction, but sometimes you life becomes more than your life. There is this great connectiveness to all this, in nature and in ourselves. The forces of the universe that balance things out aren't in working order. The predators have survived us, have increased. And without resistance to evil, there can only be less good in the world. Before my sister and her children were slaughtered in their own home I had a full understanding of the nature of humanity. The monster and the messiah carried most precisly in the hearts of man. As a boy I witnessed injustices and when looking around for the strong and able hero that could recognize the evil and do good, and there were none. Men that are blind to truth, to justice, will never rise above their station. To deny is in some manner to have an accord, it is agreement to evil that removes our responsibility to it. Do you understand? Watch the first Crow, and you'll see something. Watch Unbreakable, watch the Butterfly Effect and you'll see something. And you can go on for years denying what to some of us is like second-nature, the sense of personal responsibility to make the world better today then it was tomorrow. To make the right decisions for the right reasons, for the good of all. I live my life as a challange to every dark force. Where I live is a haven for a new kind of vampire---the Crank Monster, it has it's claws in the children like never before. And even if the population refuses to see, I can't look away. I can never look away. All my life, seeing the evil that men do, I noticed that to stand alone is an honer only so many can truly deny, if a man stands for the good, others will follow his direction. I'm not saying you can recruit, but modern american society has been programmed to follow directions a lot more than think on the run, thus that "freeze-reflex" that seems to have affected so many. Never hesitate to cross the line between thinking and doing. You'll remember your victory long after you've forgotten any defeat.

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