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From: Nexus
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 17 Sep 2005
Time: 12:45:04 -0500


Greetings, I must say, it is very refreshing to find this group of individuals with similar mindsets and ideas. As you can see, I am called Nexus. I am He who is connected to all things. My specialities are strategy/intelligence, quick reflexes, sharp senses and fierce determination. I've been walking this path for about 6 years now, since I was very young. Now I'm slowly becoming ready to step up to the ideology I've set up for myself. My main theories of criminal enforcement are related to overarching problems and social revolution. "The way to attack drug use is through the users, not the dealers." It's a matter of economics. Takeaway the customer's need, there's no longer a business. That's why dealers try and hit up the young, so they can recruit new customers. But that's street level. The DEA and other agencies are attempting sting operations all the time. And this is the vein that a serious unconventional crimefighter should take. My dream is of a future enforcement division comprised of civilians, trained "in-house" and self-secured by a codified set of ideological Laws, not unlike the code of chivalry or Bushido. The individuals are interchangeable and able to blend into society very easily, wearing the fashions of whatever social clique they wish to blend into. The organization basically works on the principle of "vigilance committees" which in the past were more related to frontier justice (against cattle barons, thiefs, cartels) and (regrettably) mob lynchings. It takes the assumption that the governing authority of the land is either incapable of handling the problems of society or too corrupt. I'd say any local law enforcement agencies face the former more than the latter. To begin with, there is not enough of our community to achieve the large-scale operations of the FBI or metropolitan police departments. This is both a plus and a minus, as fewer members allows for more "quality control" amongst our members. I prefer a connected "superhero" community, because then there are less instances of unsavory vigilantes taking up personal vendettas as motivation to go out and brutalize anyone they so judge. Operations selected by a governing body are more easily managed and met with a combined force of effort. The technical makeup of field operatives is akin to a "smart mob", something that was used to great effect in "Global Frequency" a series I recommend you pick up and study. In it, a civilian compiled group of people of various skills and backgrounds unite under a technological umbrella (a broadband network of comms and computers) to address problems that conventional authroities cannot (or will not) handle properly. Smart mobs in the world at large are from youth using their cell phones, blackberries, etc. to affect immediate response to a single sent out command. But enough technical discussion. I'm introducing myself to the rest of you to say that I hope to get to know more of the rest of you, discuss possible ideas, and see what we can accomplish together. "I am the vengeance of humanity. I am He who is connnected to all things. I am Nexus" Secure email:

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