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Re: Racial vagueness

From: Hero
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 28 Sep 2005
Time: 04:10:56 -0500


Heh, funny you should mention that. . .a lot of the guys I used to catch in an offical capacity would scream holy hell about my being a racist, and just pickin' on a brutha', etc., "You're just arresting me cause I'm black!" "No, idiot, I'm arresting you because you had three stolen DVDs shoved down your pants." I'm not prejudiced against any race, but I've found that thieves will almost always try to play the race card right off the bat if they're not white. I even had one guy complain that he'd been moved here from the Middle East and had to work for a living ever since he was 14, our country and way of life were so unfair. We just stared at him, and said, "Hey, welcome to real life." But yes, back on topic, I agree with keeping your race a secret helping your overall standing with everyone. . .of course, crooks will still hate you anyways, but who cares?

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