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Fear as a Tool

From: Nexus
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 02 Oct 2005
Time: 13:10:25 -0500


It's an interesting ideology to utilize fear in your alter ego. To clothe yourself in dark fabrics and use shadows and cover (and theatrics) to instill a sense of unease and nervousness in those you're fighting against. I personally follow the "dark avenger" archetype of a superhero identity, but there are also those who believe in the two-color superheoes of the Silver Age, who act as inspirations as the best qualities of humanity. Is fear a required part of modern crime-fighting, necessary for earning respect towards your (sometimes limited) authority? Even the law enforcement departments accept certain amounts of civilian disfavor in favor of earning some intimidation leverage. But how necessary is it for us? The large icon of the Batman is the most well-known proponent of "fear as weapon", though he also mixes this with a surprising amount of brutality just short of torture (depending on the writer). It's important to remember where we draw the line of "ends justifying means", because ideologically, we can come close to being the criminals that we pursue. Is fear a tool you deem necessary, yes or no? And why?

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