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Re: Patrolling

From: Trouvere
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 04 Oct 2005
Time: 22:20:40 -0500


Of course I do... However it's been my experience that evil-doers generally leave the poor alone. Maybe it's the "lack of money to steal" thing or something - I dunno. But seriously, I know that crime happens everywhere - it's just that you can't be everywhere at once. My suggestion was merely to patrol areas that have a history of criminal activity, or where criminals may target people. I wasn't trying to suggest that the poor aren't deserving of protection by any means. Certainly there are criminals who strike in the poorer sections of town, and these areas need to be patrolled as well. I would never suggest that any group of people is more deserving of a hero's protection than any other (except in jest). What I wanted to convey was simply "if you want to catch criminals, go where criminals go". -Trouvere

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