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keeping the police out of your hair

Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 05 Oct 2005
Time: 18:24:30 -0500


I have some ideas for how to keep the police out of your hair. Keep in mind i am nowhere near being an active superhero, thats why i want you to be my guinea pigs bwa ha ha ha ha I have two ideas: ONE:PUBLICITY this idea involves getting all the positive press that you can. If you can get the people on your side the police are not likely to go after you and risk harming their own reputation. You need atleast three steps to go about it. STEP1: You need to contact a reporter for a local news paper and arange an interview. Step2:Contact this reporter again for several follow up stories and make them your exclusive agent of the press. Step3: Make several un-announced appearences at charities and fund raisers to keep up a good public image. TWO:SECRET DEAL You want to cosider making some sort of secret arrangement with your local police department. Step1: walk into a branch of your local police department and demand to see the captain,cheif,sherrif,commissioner,or whoever happens to be in charge PS: dont expect to be taken seriously at first STEP2: once you get your meeting try to hammer out some sort of deal EXAMPLE: the police let you operate unihibeted if you get them criminal evidence that would otherwise be protected by law. STEP3: if they refuse to make a deal try to work your way up the chain of command until no one is left. Try doing some of these thing and post back how it went.

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