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Re: keeping the police out of your hair

From: Nexus
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 05 Oct 2005
Time: 22:33:48 -0500


There's truth to having an interaction with the media and local authorities, but brazingly appearing in public is ill-advised. Just wearing your costume and being connected to illegal activities can get you arrested. It's best to try and aid police by staying out of direct investigations and amassing as much info and history as evidence against purpetrators. If no agencies or authorities are looking to arrest your (guilty) suspect, then you can consider taking steps to apprehend them (hopefully in the act of a crime). If not at the scene of the crime, you defer to the Spider-Man/Batman, tie them up and leave them to the police, then report a disturbance and call for a patrol to pick them up. The important thing is to leave your amassed evidence so the authorities have something to utilize against their collar. On the subject of the media, it is good to remember that the modern school of journalism (or at the least the one currently in power, it may be seeing the end of its days) is only out for the scoop, the story, the glory of the moment. Depending on how covert you wish to be, actively giving them knowledge about yourself is risky at best. Having a contact within the media is a good idea, but you need to understand their background and psychological profile before trusting them enough to give them info and have them use it wisely. If you have considerable sway with someone in the media, this can work in your favor with asking (or in the event of necessary caitalism, paying) for positive campaings in the story of your existence or activities. In the beginning, I would like to conduct my activities relatively unknown to the public. It's only after having a long period of success that I would want people to start to know that an individual had been doing these things.

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