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Re: Smoke bombs

From: Nexus
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 05 Oct 2005
Time: 22:38:08 -0500


A warning in addition to the professor's comments: These type of sites would undoubtedly be flagged by authorities looking for radicals and (obviously) anarchic individuals. Remember to practice anonymity to the extreme when gathering this information. Also, purchasing certain materials, especially in bulk quantities, is monitored by the government, or at least local authroties, so be careful about buying special chemicals and compounds, however domestic you believe them to be. Having gotten the paranoid message out of the way, another route of investigation is the art of ninjitsu and its powders and mixtures used for stunning and distraction. Most of these are organic based (at least via ingredients) and probably most easily made by our "home-grown" heroes.

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