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Oh My *Gods*.

From: Hero
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 07 Oct 2005
Time: 04:43:49 -0500


Professor. . .seriously, where I was just questioning your legitimacy before, I am now going to step in here. You just advised a young person to make ammonium tri-iodide to set off a *smoke bomb*. Do you even know how ammonium tri-iodide works? As long as it's wet, it's supposedly safe. As soon as it dries, a feather touching a small crystal of it will cause a small detonation. You can't carry this stuff securely, because as soon as you start moving, bam, it blows up. Even if you kept it wet, you'd have to allow it to dry before it could be used, meaning it's slower than lighting a fuse. And picking up the smoke bomb to throw it would mean instant detonation. It might not be enough to lose a finger or an eye, but that depends on the teenager trying this out knowing how much is too much the first time out. Let alone the fact that just about everyone in the "underground" online community knows that the stuff in the Anarchist's Cookbook is wildly inaccurate, leaves out crucial steps in their chemical processes, and is mostly dangerous only to the people who actually try to do it themselves. Look, kid. . .I don't get angry easily. I can see you want to help, and be cool and exciting like we all do. But you need to seriously back off. Offering to help people make things that you don't really know how to build, and giving young people dangerously wrong advice about things you don't understand is *not* helping us.

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