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Re: Oh My *Gods*.

From: Hero
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 08 Oct 2005
Time: 03:35:30 -0500


Sorry, but you're still dodging the issue. You probably just read a lot of pages on alternative boards where people said they "thought they remembered snap caps being made of ammonium tri-iodide". That recipe's been passed around since the 70's, and the problem is that every new generation of teens finds it, never tries it themselves, and passes it on to their friends. You see a lot of "underground" websites sporting textfiles about it, and how it's fun to make and use as a delicate touch explosive, but when you hit the serious chemistry websites, everyone shies away from it and talks about how dangerous it is. What I'm saying directly here is that you still have not answered anyone's questions about what qualifies you, what special training and knowledge you have that you can help people design and make grappling guns, and offer advice on explosives. Any time I or anyone else has asked, you've either ignored the question or tried to reply evasively. What I think is that you're another mid-to-late teenager who's read a bunch of text files online, and is now playing pretend. I know, I used to be one myself. It doesn't do any good to say you assumed the reader would be adult and would be cautious in experimenting and doing their own research, if you just pointed them at an unstable explosive as their first idea. I'm asking you, out of consideration for the young impressionables, to either prove your claims of amazing technical mastery or quietly drop out until you've spent long years actually learning the stuff you're pretending to know now.

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