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Re: Oh My *Gods*.

From: Professor Widget
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 08 Oct 2005
Time: 16:20:03 -0500


"Although the angry mob is generally composed of well intentioned folk, their pitchforks are none the less quite pointy." -An excerpt from the letter of resignation of Igor Lavode- Hero: As to your desire to quantify my qualifications to practice in my chosen fields, I have had no formal training in any of them. I have no degrees. By that criteria, I am spectacularly and universally incompetent. If, however, we ask if these tasks are beyond me, I answer a resounding NO! Victor Von Frankenstein was not qualified to reanimate the dead! The Wright Brothers did not have degrees in aircraft design! Many great inventors have had less than a high-school education. Can I design a grapnel launching device? Of course! Anyone could if they put their mind to it! Can I design an impact activated smoke device? Of course! Anyone could with a bit or research and experimentation. Can I double the human lifespan? Almost certainly. I have already come up with a viable plan! Given sufficient resources, there is virtually nothing that cannot be accomplished by a determined researcher. If you feel that the raw chemical I mentioned is too volatile, the simple solution is to get a few snap caps and use the fairly harmless mixture from a few of those, regardless of what the active ingredient actually is, it is usable.

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