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Re: Maintaining a Secret Identity

From: Nexus
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 12 Oct 2005
Time: 16:15:52 -0500


In the U.S., August 14 is National Code Talkers Day. It's important to remember to distance your private life from your work, in both personality and technical details. Having hobbies that enable you to make excuses for injuries is important, but you also need to keep anyone from your private area of life from suspecting you might be the type of person to "fight crime". On the opposite end, you need to have your work separated from your private life not only through an identity heavily separated from your public persona, but you also need to keep your area of operations a good distance from the regular areas you frequent outside the costume. Having reliable transportation that can get you away from your home residence and into other, higher populated areas is vital. Be careful about getting into fights that leave you bleeding all over the place, as that's DNA evidence any investigator is happy to collect and use at a later date. Don't get so fatigued that you are unaware that someone is following, and have a routine of checking your clothes, equipment and transportation for any foreign devices that might be used for tracking purposes. Good luck.

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