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Ballistic Fiber/Kiln contest for superheros

From: Beerio
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 16 Oct 2005
Time: 08:22:41 -0500


All right let's quit BS'ing around. You guys really want to be superheroes or not? Well let's face facts. Most of us (probably none of us) are rich. That means we need to find the cheapest equipment that we can. Therefore I propose two contests. The first contest is "Find the cheapest ballistic Fiber" We all need Kevlar or Spectra or some other ballistic fiber so least see who can find the cheapest source online! Be careful to find out about the fiber before submitting it because not all fibers are ballistic, for instance the Kevlar fiber MUST be the type used in bulletproof armor. There are types of Kevlar that are UNFIT for use in bulletproof clothing and that type will not count. Why should you enter this contest? Because we all need bulletproof fiber! The second contest will be "Find me the cheapest kiln" The Kiln has to be capable of temperatures of at least 2732 F which equals 1500 C. What do you get out of finding me a cheap Kiln? I will use it to make cheap STATE OF THE ART onnex plates. Onnex is lightweight, tough, bulletproof, knife proof, capable of withstanding a bounding (such as from a baseball bat) and about as good of plate armor as you can get. Once I get things going I will be willing to make plates for you guys for COST. The cost would be the price of charcoal, boric acid and aluminum plus whatever it costs to run the kiln. All you guys have to do is use your search engine and look hard! So then letís stop talking about doing this and actually do something to further our ambitions! This is step one people so are you just talking or are you serious? If you want to enter the contest submit your entries in the forum under the anything goes thread where it says Ballistic Fiber/Kiln contest for superheros!

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