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Real Life Superhero Doco

From: Zen
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 04 Nov 2005
Time: 19:13:17 -0600


This post is also on the RLS Forum Iíve got an idea to share and Iíd be interested to know how everyone feels about it. Iíve been so inspired by everyoneís posts over the last few months that Iím starting to film a documentary about real-life superheroes. Initially it started with just filming my journey, but after reading everyone elseís stories Iíve changed tactics. Itís evolving into a positive portrayal of a new wave of social consciousness and crime fighting, but still in its early stages. Iíd really appreciate the input of those of you who are beginning to walk, or are already walking, this path. I understand that anonymity is extremely important and this will be completely respected. Iím not out to compromise anyoneís reputation, or most importantly put anyone in danger. I just believe like most of you here that this is the beginning of something significant and I believe this story should be told. Its small scale at this stage and I plan to just film randomly over the next year. No networks are involved. Itís nothing like the MTV series concept and I shoot either alone or with a partner. Iím based in Sydney, but will be travelling back and forth to the US and UK over the next year. Let me know your thoughts. I check into the forums daily, but I can be contacted directly at Many thanks

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