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Re: your best Night

From: Anonymouse
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 20 Nov 2005
Time: 13:45:59 -0600


I have been watching this site for a while. I am not sure I am really one of you, but you seem to be of a similar mindset. I have a friend in a govt agency and I have been conducting unofficial investigations into child abuse allegations that were dropped but still seem credible. I plant audio bugs to monitor the household initially, and if I become convinced that there is something to it, I plant hidden cameras to confirm what is happening. In most cases there is not much going on beyond the occasional overly-enthusiastic spanking, but I uncovered one instance where extreme physical and sexual abuse was taking place. I was sickened and was tempted to just waste the guy involved, but instead, planted the tape in the apartment after copying it onto different video tape from the apartment that I had seen him touch during surveilance. I then called the police from a pay phone and told them that I was a friend of the asshole and that the guy had played the tape for me and bragged about fooling social services. I am glad to say that he was arrested, convicted, and eventually got shanked. I only hope he got assraped a lot before someone took him down.

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