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Re: your best Night

From: Hero
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 23 Nov 2005
Time: 05:16:50 -0600


I can tell you two of my favorite *fights*. . .one was a thief I got to chase across a parking lot, until he got brought up short by the highway (this is during my uniformed, official days), and he turned around and actually tried to say, "Let me go, man, I didn't do nothin'!" Me: "I just *saw* the stuff fall of your jacket on the sidewalk, idiot." "Let me go, man!" "I can't do that." and I reached for his head. He tried to shove me away, and this was my favorite moment. . .it was like he was made of paper. I freakin' bent him over, wrapped myself around him from the front and used my weight to drop us both to the ground, then locked his limbs down until my backup got there with cuffs. Six cop cars showed up as we led him back in. . .the patrons of a nearby restaurant freaked out and called too many times, and the cops thought a full scale brawl was going on. :) It was an awesome feeling, probably adrenaline, but that must be what superstrength would feel like if it were real. . .it felt like I literally was meeting *no* resistance when I folded him up and brought him down. My other favorite one was the foulmouthed guy. . .a thief stealing a bunch of DVDs. . .me and my partner caught up to him at the doors, and fought out onto the sidewalk. Somehow I tripped and ended up on my back, but I grabbed his leg and flipped him to the ground. I rolled forward over my feet and literally dove full-bodied onto his back. He tried to do a pushup to roll me off, but I grabbed his elbows, yanked them out, and simultaneously shoved his head down with mine so it would hit the pavement hard. He started yelling for a friend of his to come help him, the friend got about 30 feet away and stopped when I grinned psychotically at him, and refused to do anything. We cuffed the guy (almost broke his arm in the process, he wouldn't give it to us), and he swore up a storm all the way back through the store. When we had him in the office, we sat him down, but he kept trying to get back up, so I finally shoved him hard into the chair so his cuffed hands would wrench against it, and he quit. One of the uniforms asked me "How the hell did you do all that out there? I mean, where did you learn moves like that?" and I said, "Beats the hell out of me. I just made it up as I went." :) I miss, really miss, actually wearing a costume and just patrolling neighborhoods and apartment complexes in my naive teens. Now it doesn't go on 'til the last minute. I mean, why get caught for something stupid, right? Grappling Hook Travel: Because You Only Have to Miss Once to Die. :)

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