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From: Edgar Allen Poe
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 28 Nov 2005
Time: 14:37:35 -0600


beerio, there are vast distances between the 'modern' western concept of religion, ancient spiritualities that have survived true enough in there old form, and other forms of 'magic'. It pretty much comes down to 'it wont work if you dont believe in it, and even if you do...'. Magic is a wide concept that cannot be attributed to simply pagan rituals or some hindu take on yoga. The only way to describe magic, is to say that it means to be in tune with the nature of the universe. Of course your not going to learn it, there are Fakirs in asia who practice, or 'investigate', a religious form of magic for years at a time and acheive nothing. In all the millions of Bhuddists over the last few thousand years, how many have you heard of that have mysterious powers? Voodooism is famous as the religion with the most supernaturaul phenomena cloaking it. For me, magic includes aspects of spirituallity, philosophy, martial arts, energy shifting (Yoga, Chi martial arts) psychology/ instinct and ritual, and more. My points are that it is not something to be learned, you can investigate all you like but if you dont get it youll find nothing, and that there are intense quantities of magic that have nothing to do with religion. I'll leave it there before even I get bored !

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