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From: Edgar Allen Poe
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 29 Nov 2005
Time: 06:49:52 -0600


I think you missed my point. Experience means nothing if you dont gain a shift in attitude where magic is concerned, and it makes no difference where you went to 'investigate' magic. so what, do i learn better kung fu if i happened to be in china at the time?? im sure you were just displaying your efforts, but its not really a point. I 'dare' agree with you that you have more experience investigating, (I think its called 'Ad Haminem' when you attack the arguer, not the argument) but thats because i have hardly 'investigated' at all, i take a different view of what magic is. If you didnt have an open mind you wouldnt have gone to asia in the first place, i never hinted that you were anything other than open minded. I believe magic is not investigatable, i cant say it enough. read the grimoires and the book of shadows' and sure, you can learn some of the sytem used in pagan spells and rituals, but thats as close to investigating as you can be im afraid. and why mention your wife? i just dont get that bit. i will not judge you as 'just a mean know nothing critic ' and i dont mean to give that impression either, (not that i actually did). I think you were looking at magic for its practical uses, perhaps you believe you will be able to magically fight crime with psychadelic powers. Its more like spirituality for me, and of course it plays a part in my hero work, what religion/ spirituality wouldnt?? But i didnt get 'into' this so i could heal from fatal wounds or walk through fire unharmed- 'an actual spell that can be used for anything '. Its not about that. If you were to tell us all about your beliefs, i wouldnt try and argue with you about them. 'do what thou wilt, an it harm none', thats my attitude .

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