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From: Nightfall
Category: Publicity
Date: 29 Nov 2005
Time: 18:31:19 -0600


I partly lied in the last post. I forgot Disciple is a few years younger than us and is still in training. So are all of us, but we're getting ready to commence soon. Also, Empress has decided to go by something else. That's okay, because the only people who know are us and a few people on the internet. The real team is still Exemplar, Nightfall (me), Freya, and the girl and a guy we just recruited. Disciple will join us in a couple of years. It is great having people in the northwest, because even the northwest has problems. Like Portland and Seattle for example. Also in Boise, crime has risen much in the last year. I scan the newspaper everyday for crime (and sometimes cut out stories and pin them on the walls of the base) and pretty much everyday something happens. Mostly robberies, but usually not every night. Speaking of robberies, there have been two reported gas station robberies on the same street involving guys dressed as ninjas. The cases are connected. It's the same people. Exemplar is thinking about trying to find them. Also some thieves broke into a very secure art gallery, scaled 12 foot walls, and took a 35 pound statue over the same walls and got out without leaving much evidence at all. Obviously whoever was behind this has brains. Gangs have gotten bigger, and they targeting elementary schools and up for recruits, and church youth groups. There is one gang that has taken out all the other gangs in Boise, and is at war with gangs in neighboring towns and winning. The occult is also gathering. I do not mind magick, but these people apparently summon and worship demons, torture people, and sacrifice animals. As you can see there is a LOT going on in Boise. I barely scratched the surface. We also have problems with drugs. The police are overwhelmed. That is why we are doing this, to help the police, not only put fear into these bad people, but as symbols to the people of Boise that their good city will not decay into a Los Angeles.

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