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Re: Hero in training

From: Steppenwolfe
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 05 Jan 2006
Time: 13:47:22 -0600


Hey you, I like you am in training as well. It's difficult to actually get started. Why are you getting started? Is it for some personal reason, or do you just sense the need to kick some criminalriffic butt? I'm starting because somewhere deep within me commands me to do it. I'd say train like crazy, go and find some little petty crimes for field training. No amount of simulations and such could ever prepare you for that. (Think Metal Gear Solid) Train. Train. Train. Wear protection. Maybe join up with a group? I'm putting together a team of people, we're spread on the country right now.. So, it'll take a while. Maybe you should join up. I seek for one day, maybe all heroes to be allied as a global organization. Like Justice League unlimited. But at that point, heroes would be widely accepted and the police wouldn't chase us. Once I get all my stuff together though, I'm joining up with W.S.H.

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