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Re: Kenpo - Looks like my best choice

From: Cyst
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 16 Jan 2006
Time: 11:59:49 -0600


True, most untrained or inexperienced opponents will attempt to grapple you, and such an engagement can be extremely dangerous if your enemy has a blade. I suggest you learn to both counter an effort to initiate a hold, and to effectively control such a situation, should it present itself. I'd also advise that you familiarize yourself with as many fighting styles as you can. This will not only add a modicum of versatility to your own martial capacity, it will prepare you for a confrontation with a trained adversary- a scenerio which isn't as unlikely as you might imagine. Kenpo is an art that's relatively easy to master. In a contemporary dojo, you may well attain a blackbelt within three years or less, but don't allow the speed with which you ascend to mastery decieve you. You must train until the fighting arts are second nature to you, or, in a brawl, you are likely to revert to clumsy, reflexive flailing, and lose a critical edge over your opponent. Also, Big Guy, boxing is a sport, not a martial art. There are plenty of more sophisticate combat styles which entail the means through which to deliver an effective punch.

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