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From: Nexus
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 26 Jan 2006
Time: 11:44:16 -0600


First of all, I want to thank Kevlex for taking the time to contact Terrifica for some direct communication. I respect Terrifica for her mission to protect women from date-rapers and general ill-willed men, and also preaching a message of female empowerment, as well as the "self-love" she talked about in the interview. I am, however, a little bit skeptical of her point of view of the culture that surrounds club life and bar hopping. A lot of people do enjoy the nightlife for various reasons. Some are harmless, some are rather selfish, and some can endanger others from time to time. But I think some people misunderstand when they believe that women in a club are looking for a "man" to complete their lives. A lot of people in the club scene are just looking for a good time dancing and maybe some sex. That might sound cliched but it's an honest answer people would give for going out. I realize men who charismatically enthrall a woman into bed then leave them with nothing the next morning are pretty heartless, but if it's consensual sex and it's emotional damage being done, there aren't really laws against that. Additionally, though men may be more statistically likely to do this, there are also women that get into people's pants and then forget about them. Another thing I want to comment on is they way she talks about being "superhuman" and the people she fights against are "un-superhuman." I understand the phrase as a metaphor, but when she phrases it like this "You are born a superhuman or you're not. You have power or you don't. No one can choose to be a superhuman. You can't just make up a power or a purpose. But if you are a superhuman; you have a choice about being a hero. You can choose to be a villain too. Villains make more money." The little joke at the end, funny and a bit true. But talking about superhuman in such a literal way is very odd. Also, I'm a little puzzled at these responses: Kevlex: ? Have you ever had conflict with law enforcement officers when engaged in your superhero activities? How well do you interact with the police and other traditional authorities? Terrifica: I don't understand the question. Kevlex: ? What are your views on the expansion of the federal government's powers under the Patriot Act? Terrifica: I don't understand the question." If she didn't wish to cite an answer, that's fine, but I hardly see how these weren't straight forward questions.

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