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Can one man make a difference?

From: Edgar Allen Poe
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 26 Jan 2006
Time: 13:45:56 -0600


Sorry its been so long guys, Iíve been lurking but computer problems, school work and a distinct lack of spare time have kept me from posting in a while. I am still unable to post on the initial board, but I'm working on it. I'd apreciate it if somebody could post this over there for me? I'll appoint Beerio now because it will appear several times otherwise! Kevlex, fine work on that interview. I wonder what Terrificas position is on lesbian sexual predators, no pun intended. GS you look *extremely* cool. Beerio, it takes 57 licks for me to get to the centre of a tootsie pop. I know a lot of people here, myself included, have often wondered, can one man make a difference? I donít know if anyone is still pondering the question, but I heard something the other day that reflects my attitude to the query perfectly: There is a young boy walking along a beach. The tide has brought in thousands of starfish, all of them stranded on the sand now. The boy walks along, picking up the starfish and throwing them back in the sea, one by one. A man sees him, and asks the boy Ď Why are you doing that? There are thousands, you cant possibly make a difference.í The boy picks up another starfish, and throws it into the sea. ĎI made a difference to that one,í he says. Donít disappoint me Beerio, Iím waiting for a joke :P

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