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...just read the opening pages...

From: ...well, the usual gang members call me...
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 26 Jan 2006
Time: 19:59:25 -0600


For the last fifteen or so months I have been wandering the 'let-out', that is around one fourty-five am in the 'crack district' of a major mid western metropolitian city. In that time I have had twelve occassions where I was able to even the odds. No judgements, just action against a superior numbers of attackers... nine times two to four 'muggers' against some poor young drunk couple and three times one to three men taking (trying to) advantage of young ladies as they returned to their cars. I don't really have a 'costumn', as such, but usually wear my large 'LaMont Cranstion' hat and carry only my stick (about four foot long and inch and a half round, good seasoned oak). The local gang members refer to me as 'Stickman'... I gotta get a better handel. Is this site for real?

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