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...this day...

From: ...for lack of a better handel...
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 27 Jan 2006
Time: 13:35:51 -0600


Well, I must say that y'all make a fellow feel a whole less lonesome... Thanks, Irish Phoenix, KEVLEX, Nexus, et al. I never thought that there might be any others whose lives might bring them to this same place as I have found myself. I don't view myself as a vigilanti (hope I spelled that right) and from what I have read on this site I don't precieve any of you to be anything less than heroic... this day feels like the beginning of a new age, yet un-dreamed of. So, has anyone listed their 'secret origins' stories (I haven't had time yet to peruse the assembled postings)...? ...and must add that I would be thrilled to compare notes as to what has moved so many of us (so many more than I ever dreamed) to become as we have, especially in an age that is devoid of heros. Nexus... I don't down play my stick (I have several of them; my oak walker, a five foot plus-two inch thick red oak 'quarter staff' (this one is light, strong, and lots faster than she looks), and, as expected, my Japanesse cherry (painted hard-coat 1200 degree engine block black) boken (katana shaped stick). It is interesting that you mentioned Filipino stick fighting techs as I was instructed in this art by an older Filipino gentleman when my ship was in dry-dock in the old Subec Bay yards. You're right about the keen moves to open-hand techs... and stick recovery is a hoot. Last night marks the thirteenth 'disturbance' (and fourth foiled rape attempt... which disturbes me as this disgraceful action now consitutes a good third of all of the action I've seen)... I don't know what 'impact' I actually have had on this community and, of course, am an 'unconfirmed' alley-crawler but that seems to be right where I like (or is that need) to be... just below the radar... never a judgement call, take down the villians, make sure the vic is still breathing, and run like heck from the local law enforcement officers. How do you folks do it? How different is it from here to where you operate? How do you deal with 'the everyday'? (I hope I'm not sounding to much like I'm in the 'oh gosh, oh golly, this is sooo neat' mode). In closing, for the nonce, I thought that you all might find it interesting that I was mailed this site by a very dear friend of mine who is always worried that I might get my self shot or stabbed on these nocturnal excurssions... well, they are amused now as they watch me fretting over the idea of an actual 'super-suit' and maybe a better handel... Sincerely, tho, it has been such a long time since I have felt hope. Thank you, all. the Stickman

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