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I saved a man from a burning wreckage

From: El Inferno Caliente
Category: Crime/Injustice reports
Date: 29 Jan 2006
Time: 02:55:37 -0600


A year ago, on this very day, I truly and honestly saved a man from a burning car. I don't know how it happened, but when I came to, I didn't have a single burn or injury. Here's what happened. I worked as a night shift manager at the Wendy's in town. I only lived about five miles away from work, so I'd always walk or ride my girlfriend's bike. I don't like cars because they are destroying our atmosphere, and they only cause more harm than good. So I was walking down Section Street, and I saw a truck moving way too fast toward the stop sign. I don't know if it was my sixth sense or not, but I just knew he was going to cause an accident. As soon as I turned around to see if there were any cars coming, I had a vision. It was as if time stopped for a short period. I saw fire, and around the fire were clouds. They were dark, like smoke. Then in the middle of all the flames, I saw myself. I was wearing a red uniform and orange goggles in the shape of flames. I'm of mexican heritage, and I heard the name "El Inferno Caliente". That was it. I knew my life would be different from there on. When I snapped out of it, I saw headlights speeding down the road. The speed limit was 20, but this guy was clearly breaking it, going as fast as 24 or 25. Two men breaking the law creates nothing but chaos. I darted my attention to the truck, which was just about to pass the stop sign. The brakes squeeled, and in an instant, I saw the car hit the truck. My super hero instinct kicked in, and I jumped into action, throwing my Wendy's hat and nametag. I would never touch it again, as being a super hero is my new business. I am digressing... As I ran to the wreckage, I noticed that my sense of smell had increased. The horrible scent of gasoline started filling the air. The tiniest spark would cause an explosion of immense proportions. At that very thought, I heard a snap. A spark from the engine of the truck. Flames took over the entire crash site. I stepped back only a bit, and continued running to the accident. As I ran, I kept thinking about the possiblity of a baby, or a child stuck in one of those vehicles. When I approached the truck, I could see the corpse of it's driver. He was charred black, with his mouth gaping open. The man in the car was crying and yelling for help. I'm not sure if it was my skin becoming fire resistent or the grace of god, but when I stuck my arms out and pulled him toward me, I didn't recieve the slightest burn. This man suffered 1st degree burns all over his body. I didn't even have a scratch. After the paramedics arrived, they asked how I could pull him out without being injured. I said, "It wasn't me, it was El Inferno Caliente." The town now knew of my heroic presence. Since then, I've been assisting our citizens from any intense heat. I take part in School Programs, teaching kids about fire safety. They really dig my fire goggles and tight red suit. If anyone needs any advice or help, just contact me at

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