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You are weak and self important

From: Rorschach
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 29 Jan 2006
Time: 02:57:23 -0600


You fake, weak, self important failures. Trying to stop muggings with costumes and words. What about the rapists, the killers, the sadists, the molesters, the wife beaters, the gang bangers, the drug dealers? You congratulate yourself for walking around the block while there are people suffering and dying. Get an pistol from a pawn shop and do some good in the world. Your pathetic histrionics do nothing. Sacrifice a little, think about someone other than yourself. It's a dark, dark world out there. There are bad people doing bad things. You are in your nice little houses shopping online for useless gadgets for your useless patrols. You do nothing, and your demand for attention only makes it worse. Pathetic. If you really wanted to be a superhero, you'd know that you can't work with the cops, and you can't survive long. You would know that people need to die, or be beaten to be brought into custody. You would know that the best case scenario for you is to be arrested, and the worst case is to be killed.

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