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Re: You are weak and self important

From: Rawshark
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 29 Jan 2006
Time: 04:22:12 -0600


"*whew*", thinks Rorschach, "that took a lot of typing. Good thing *I* had the guts to get up, get active, and tell those guys what to do. Damn slackers. People just play around too much these days, nobody actually *does* anyth-" "Dang it, will you shut that off and come to bed?" shouted Rorschach's wife. "Hold on, dammit, I need to check my blog and see if anybody accepted my friend invites," Rorschach responded. "Remember to wipe off the keyboard this time," she shouted back, "I don't want to find that stuff dried all over again just because you can't remember to bring tissues!" "Damn, bitch," thinks Rorschach, "if it weren't for me criminals would've busted in here and raped you by now. That post probably just saved your ass from getting mugged." *burp* "Stupid Doritos."

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