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Re: Who is not a completely drunk human being?

From: Beerio
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 30 Jan 2006
Time: 05:26:59 -0600


I'm 35, a former soldier, graduate of a police academy (never did actually become a cop though due to being recalled to active duty) I get paid over 28 dollars an hour and am very respected in my field. I weigh around 195 currently, but it is all muscle except for a bit of a beer belly. I can left 100 pounds over my head with one hand. I have a wife and a kid and am normally as far as social life. I agree there are some immature people here but don't judge everyone in a group by the worse of the lot. I still haven't gone on 'patrol' but I am making a 'supersuit' that is already knife and bulletproof in the chest area and knife proof everywhere else (Kevlar is expensive). Anyhow I like exploring the idea of a batman like hero. If you want to learn more come to my forum here: Look in the general discussions area and find the thread called 'Bite my ass'... no wait I mean if you are serious about finding out about us follow the link above and apply for the membership area and you can see the progress on the suit. You will find everything in my forum is very realistic and down to earth. Post like what you find here where people talk about time machines and magic are moved to a 'off topic' forum.

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