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tossing this idea around for a while

From: Captain
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 30 Jan 2006
Time: 16:02:50 -0600


I hve been seriously thinking about this for quite some time now and i was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. first of i must stress that i am serious about this. recently i chased off some kids from breaking into a car. i just so happened to be wearing a very strange trenchcoat and because it was cold i was wearing a scarf around my lower face. almst my whole attier was the same color unintentionaly. they were legitamatly afraid. i am now very confused as to weather or not i should even go about this. i already have a decent knowlage of akido and pressurepoint dissarming technuques. i just need to seriously sit down and talk to someone who is as serious about this as i am and has had some experience doing this sort of thing. how does one go about this for one.

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