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Re: Do you think you have super powers?

From: The Stickman
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 31 Jan 2006
Time: 12:01:29 -0600


Hi, Jamsandwich; Nice handel... I used to work with a small group that President Kennedy helped get started. I find that a combonation of American Combat Ju Jitsu, Kendo (with my favorite stick, of course, the rule for late night walk is no guns, knives, ID, et al), and crowded nightclub dance techniques allow me to 'rock it in the streets' with, to date, up to four perps. You have to understand that two am in an alley 'the wrong side of the tracks' is the last place that you're gonna find trained fighters. Maybe, if you're really good and say your prayers every night, you might find yourself faced with a vetren bar-brawler, but these are far and few between and I have found that they have fallen out of the 'need' to do anything other than intimidate and usually always prey on those weaker than themselves. These are cowards that bully and sucker-punch, these are not warriors. In my town we have the added leisure that 'real' gang members are too busy making money from the sale of blackmarket commoditties (mostly meth) to need or want to mug the civilians... no need to bring the police looking as that might upset the schedule of payments.

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