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Re: tossing this idea around for a while

From: The Stickman
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 31 Jan 2006
Time: 12:32:06 -0600


...body armour is expensive and is frowned upon (to say the least) by both state and federal authorities (but I'm still doing the R&D ;) ) and you're right about 99% of the populace... but check out the bonus material on the second disk of 'Batman Begins' for the latest evolution in martial arts called Kasei (spl? I dunno). Oh, 'bang your dead' works IF the person holding the gun is using it in the proper manner instead of just trying to 'cap yer butt'. But, just rolling it over in my head... ya know, if they have a gun they'll most likily shot ya anyway, so I figure just take the offensive. The national stats right now show that 82% of everyone would rather be shot than sliced (go figure) and those who carry 'gats' fear them and usually never practice with them.

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