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Hello, Comrades

From: Blood Rooster
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 31 Jan 2006
Time: 22:32:50 -0600


Greetings, fellow crimefighters. I am the Blood Rooster. Long ago, my pet rooster, Shelly, was stolen by an international criminal syndicate centered around the promotion of cockfighting. Shelly died. I still have a single bloody tail feather Duck-taped to my bosom. I have dedicate my life to the annihilation of cockfighting in these United States. I'm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the MS-13 is currently operating a massive cockfighting ring. I will attempt to kidnap their leader, Juan Vladivostovich, tonight. Wish me like. If I do not post again, I fear that I will have died. Like Shelly.

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