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Re: I need a name!

From: Nexus
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 01 Feb 2006
Time: 23:17:44 -0600


Agreed. I'm dreading pissing some drug kingpin or mafia don off enough to incur their enduring wrath. It's not as "fun" or "exciting" as you might imagine. As for a name, you should consider a few things: 1) A specific color or totem/theme you want to incorporate (animals, weapons, ideas, etc.) 2) A word identifying your type of attitude in your alternate identity (fear, anger, intelligence, endurance) 3) An inspiration from your heritage or local region, giving you ties to your community (flora, fauna, or mythology) As something intimidating, I'd say Sickle, Banshee, or Lorena Bobbit. Those names can strike fear into people, if your identity builds a reputation. P.S. Don't go getting yourself permanently injured or killed by being underprepared. We can't command you not to do something, but don't kid yourself on how much danger you're putting yourself in.

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