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Re: I need a name!

From: Beerio
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 02 Feb 2006
Time: 23:42:10 -0600


Ya? How bout toots? dolls? I'm not really a politically correct guy. I don't mind if people think I'm old fashion or out dated and I don't really think taking in everyday language is offensive. Come on Nexus you know you call women chicks behind their back at very least. The point of it all is respect. I respect women but I'm not going to let folks dictate my language for me except at work (after all I get paid to obey the rules at work) Besides all that I had to talk to Jacky in language he could understand. I suspect Jacky is one of those guys that really do think about sex 24/7 heheh. It's important for young men to know that women want respect but not fear. Don't talk to women like they are nothing but don't talk to them like they can control your life either. Be a man and respect everyone until they prove they aren't worthy of respect and don't forget to be respectable yourself and earn self respect by doing so. Sorry but political correctness is one of those things I hate about modern life. It claims to be the way of respect and equalty but it is just a way for people to try to control each other by words and pointing fingers. Anyhow some more names: Gin-ger, Whiskey Woman, Guzzling Girl, Rum-ble and coke lady, Vodka Verminator, Pale ale veil, mead and weed woman?

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