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Why dress up?

From: Captain Champion
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 09 Feb 2006
Time: 11:18:01 -0600


I just wanted to know why people felt the need to dress up in order to help people. I know the likes of Stickman manage okay without the aid of spandex so what is the point? 1. Is it to strike fear into criminals? Do you really think a fancy dress costume will do this? 2. Is it to reasure the local population you are looking out for them? In which case why not try a uniform like the guardian angles? 3. Is it to raise awarness of a specific issue. Such as Terrifica or people running a marathon for charity? 4. Is it because you just want to imitate your comic book heroes? I don't mean to offend I am just interested in personal motivation for this kind of thing. Cap

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