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What not to wear

From: Crimson
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 10 Feb 2006
Time: 15:26:51 -0600


It may be mighty cold outside but its time to start thinking about what to wear next season and I thought I should offer a little advice for the upwardly mobile superhero. First off I'll start with a few very definite no-nos for the summer. Masks are out I'm afraid, the days of the Loan Ranger have past and now masks are better left at the kiddies parties. Helmets are still fine but steer clear of cowls. Another fatal error that some heroes are still making is spandex. Fabrics have moved on in the last twenty year and if you must wear a skin tight outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination try one of the new dry weave breathable fabrics you can get from out-doors shops. Finally capes, now as hard as it is to say this, capes have been and gone. You may think you look good stood atop a building with your cape billowing in the wind but rest assured the criminal underworld will be laughing at your fashion faue par. Now for the good news, Leather is still as popular as ever. You can wear it as a simple jacket over a trademark t-shirt, as a full body suit or anything in between. Both chain mail and plate armour are making a comeback for the summer. No Amazon Princess should be without at least one metal brazier. Chains on their own are also popular. The Gothic look is very sheik at the moment, and can be mixed with a techno theme. For heroines this seasons must have accessories are cats each hair bands and tiaras, just remember its one or the other. As for this seasons colours you want to be looking for deep reds and blues and always avoid using bright primary colours together. Blue, red and yellow do not go well together even if you are from another planet. If in doubt you can of course, never go wrong with black. Hope this helps you all out. See ya, Crimson

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