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RLS episode of "Bones" on FOX

From: Nexus
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 12 Feb 2006
Time: 15:22:30 -0600


On the recent Bones episode "The Superhero in the Alley," a young comic enthusiast, Warren Granger, was found dead, dropped from a height and rotting for about two weeks (maybe a month). It was eventually discovered he'd been stabbed through the spine, then dropped off a building to make it look like suicide. He was wearing the costume of his creation, Citizen 14. The guy was an introvert, but he played with a group of roleplayers for awhile before having a falling out, calling them "posers." Warren was an individual of strong morals and conviction, whereas the others were more selfish fantasizers (two of them with juvenile delinquency records). Warren was, at the time of his murder, suffering from the end stages of a leukemia recurrence. Wanting to make a difference in the world before his death, Warren worked to fight the one injustice he'd fled from earlier: stopping his boss from beating his wife. Wearing a costume to intimidate his employer, Warren eventually entered a scuffle, and used a unique tool (the murder weapon) to stab the man in the arm. Warren, ill and weakened, then had the weapon wrestled away from him and used to kill him. Warren, as his alter ego Citizen 14, was an example of a real-life superhero, using a costumed identity to fight injustices he witnessed around him. Tragically, his health failed him when he needed it most, but in his death, investigators were able to prevent further spousal abuse. The episode was also interesting as several members of the forensics team ruminated on the roles of superpowered heroes versus their lives as crime-fighters. When one lab technician laments his lack of super strength, telepathy or heightened senses, Bones reminds him of his significant intelligence. The lab tech says that his brain is more of a curse than a gift. Bones bets this is probably true for superpowers too.

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