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The Call

From: Vigilance
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 13 Feb 2006
Time: 22:38:00 -0600


I decided to go through and read some of the forums today, and once most of the links had turned green, I took a moment to analyze what I'd read. Firstly, though, webmaster, your forums may not display deleted posts on the main page, but if you use the 'Next' function to read each post one by one, you can access the old deleted posts (Such as the repeated 'I rule' posts). On a more important note, however, I find myself disappointed with this organization. Disregarding the base look of the website, at least half of the posts have appeared to me to be squabbles amongst members, jokes, and confirmations that there are <i>not</i> real life superheroes. The community here seems to contain only disillusioned high school adolescents or those who are going through midlife crises, i.e. Beerio and Nexus. This even goes beyond these forums to people such as Terrifica, who seems disturbed and obsessive in a way that is less heroic than psychotic, and Angle-Grinder Man, who is by all accounts a criminal. If you truly wish to accomplish that which you claim, it seems to me that you are in sore need of both seriousness and direction. Rather than seeking out the guidance of these people, it seems like you need to follow your own path. "Every man goes his own way." If you are focused on the idea of cooperating as a super hero team, then organize yourself. Perhaps Beerio and Nexus, who have stated, either on this forum or on Mark Schmidt's, that they will not be entering into the field due to physical limitations, family obligations, et cetera, can work with the younger members in a way analogous to Bruce Wayne and Terry McGuinness (you can even make a bit of a joke out of calling advice from Beerio grabbing a Guinness). Nevertheless, the consistent inaction this group has displayed disappoints me. True, an invincible suit like that of Iron Man would aid you in the pursuit of justice, but waiting to assemble such an unrealistically expensive armor is no reason to postpone your pursuit of justice. She me a news story where Green Scorpion delivered a minor drug dealer. Show me a local broadcast where a Robbery was foiled by Jackalope. Show me a report of a man saved by Nightfall. Show me a rape that was foiled by Kevlex. Or donít. Itís up to you. In the meantime, Iíll be around to see what happens.

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