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Re: The Call to drink beer

From: Beerio
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 15 Feb 2006
Time: 00:54:14 -0600


I think you should actually go to where there is an organization if you want to criticize one. IE: Moonlighting club, my club, Boise Brigade ET. Do yourself a favor though; find out what the organization is about before criticizing it or you will look foolish. My club is about coordinating and teaching those who would like to become crime fighters. Here is the mission statement: To advise, train and coordinate those who would help others by fighting crime or rendering aid during any kind of emergency. Eventually I hope to have real life meetings for training purposes. Notice: It is not our job to punish criminals! We can report them, try to stop them, use pepper spray, mace, fists, kicks etc. on them, but that is not for punishment. That is for stopping a crime such as rape, kidnapping, murder, armed robbery or any other violent crime. If you can talk someone out of doing a crime then that is what you should do. Leave punishment to the proper authorities.

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