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Reforming the Point

From: Vigilance
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 15 Feb 2006
Time: 21:10:31 -0600


I do find it difficult to take some of you seriously, though I do find that you occasionally set forth good ideas. Again, my perusals of the board have led me to my conclusions, though this is not to utterly discredit your efforts. Perhaps my words came across a bit austere and demoralizing. Perhaps I was a short-sighted or confused as to the purpose of this community. It appears that this group has interpretted this to be so. Notwithstanding, I am reporting my observations under the impression that "The Call," as I entitled it, would be answered by yourselves and will be therefore unapologetic in my endeavors except for your mistaken ages. I must admit that wisdom failed me in my estimates. In any case, my primary response is in the commendation of Beerio's ostensible goal to have in-person training sessions. Whether or not his forum discusses this, one can see the benefits of such an idea being discussed here. My assumptions of this being a sort of headquarters for all trainees may be misplaced, but my suggestion of a futherence of Beerio's idea remains. Likewise, I address the notion that you are not intended to punish criminals. Depending on the state in which you live, you may not even be a vigilante by avoiding this. I am under the impression that this is not the case in Illinois, but this is so in California law. New York case law permits some forms of vigilantism due to the ruling in The People v. Goetz in the 1980's. Some of the older members here may recall the case. Resultantly, I can at least confidently say that operating in the liberal states of California or New York affords you a greater margin of error aside from the high criminality in the metropolitan areas of btth states. Those who are committed to this mission might want to consider relocating to either of these states an option to expanding your effectiveness. That is not to say that those who do not are not committed to the mission, as, and I do not intend for this to be a post solely in praise of Beerio, I believe that raising a family is more important than any work you can do in the streets. When you protect your family, you protect the future, and there is no nobler cause than either. True enough, Nexus, it is admirable that he continues to maintain this as a side project. I was previously aware of this, which was why I had suggested Beerio as a sort of communications hub. Yet, again, you choose how you execute these actions. I maintian the hope that you will make the choice that is most beneficial to the mission I believe you are following.

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