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Re: Motivation?

From: The Stickman
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 17 Feb 2006
Time: 13:05:05 -0600


Hiya, Cap; ... doing things properly ... I understand what you'r saying, your concern is ovious and, I dare say, greatly appriciated. There is always the chance that any or all of us might at some time be motivated by revenge or other 'petty issues'... when that time arrives I hope I'm able to recognize it. That means that it is time to retire, for nothing other than the most simple of solutions must ever stand between action that is, hopefully, right and turning our backs on those who are innocent, elderly, or too weak to keep themselves from harm. I don't see perps and vics so much as I see a 'gang' beating a 'couple' or a single person. There's no moral or social 'judgement' to be made here, just what's right and what isn't. ... a fear of paperwork ... see Washington, D.C. about paperwork and doing things properly. I don't mean to be rude but, have you noticed that the governments we exist beneith might not be for the good of the most ... may be ,actually, becomming the enemies of the people ... just somethin' to roll over in the ol' head-parts.

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