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Re: Why dress up?

From: The Stickman
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 17 Feb 2006
Time: 13:27:46 -0600


Hi, Cap ... offended, damn, I hope our collective skins are thicker than all that ;) but, if I was to adopt a 'costumn' (other than the 'super-suit' (maybe, more on that research, later)) I can imagine that it would be done (donned?) to the effect that most of the low-lives' would be scared s***less ... hahaha, damn, I love that visual. Now this next is no disrespect to any and all who don uniform or cape and cowl ... but really, the good side is that IT WOULD strike fear into the hearts of bad-guys... my shrink tells me that something deep in all our heads, up over the left ear, is the fear of maddness, of the 'wildman' dressed remarkably different from the 'city citizen'. I my case ... well, I always have liked the Lamont Cranston look. (Yea, I got a shrink, and they know all about my malady and how I handle 'stress'. ;)

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