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Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 28 Feb 2006
Time: 01:41:48 -0600


Alright! It seems everyone wants me to make them a super-suit! I need to point out the following: I am a prototyper and inventor, not a factory! I will not be able to produce a superior product for less than a full-scale manufacturer can. They buy their materials in bulk and manufacture them efficiently without wasted effort or materials. If you want an inexpensive bullet-proof vest, buy a used one. If I have to hand craft a vest from scratch, it will cost several times the price of a new one! Secondly; If I am to make full custom suits, they need to fit! If I were to make a suit and send it to you, it would not fit the way it should. It needs to be extensively fitted in person, tested, and perfected. For Green scorpion's gloves, I had him mail me plaster casts of his hands, but for a full suit, this becomes cumbersome. I will not be doing full suits until my new workshop is complete, hopefully sometime around the end of the year. Once the Laboratory is operational, I will start accepting suit orders. They will NOT be cheap. You WILL need to come to my facility for fitting and testing. Until then, NO FULL SUIT ORDERS PLEASE! Your humble servant: Professor Widget

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