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Re: Applying for the Moonlight Club

From: Superman19492002
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 07 Mar 2006
Time: 19:10:02 -0600


Hi All me again, As I recently got into this forum ive been looking at all the past posts. Say Beerio do you suppose that forum fiend could have figured out how to spell superman . Itwouldexplain thebogus postin herethat were supposedly from me. Could it be that he was also the 1 trying to mess with me in mark schmidts blog. God I Hope Not!!! If I am going to pick up a arch rival I would hope for 1 with a bit more class. I can only hope and pray for a better class of villan i guess. You think if i made him a password protected page of his very own to break into he'd bea nice little kid and leave the grown ups alone ?

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