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An Idea whos time has come

From: Superman19492002
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 08 Mar 2006
Time: 23:04:13 -0600


As little as 1 year ago a search for real life Super Heros didn't turn up diddly squat. I should know as I had been doing them. Even sponsered some search engine contests in case it was my skills using 1 that was lacking. . Now they are springing up like fast food franchises. Theres a saying that key events occur when society really needs them. like certain leaps in tecnoligy and social movements. I think they are called watershed events. If there is a better name please feel free to add it to this post. I think that for real life Supoer Heros that watershed event time is now. What are the rest of this August group's viewpoints on this? Comments are invited

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