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From: TheMentor
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 21 Mar 2006
Time: 13:39:03 -0600


If you were to say to the average person that there are those who exist in reality, who step cautiously through the shadows at night, who face the problems of society head on, instead of waiting for it to come and find them, and their friends and family, who for all intents and purposes fit the description of a “superhero”, they would probably just laugh. But I have been to places some have never dreamed of, places in society where the light rarely reaches, seen the terror and the torment, the endless trail of disaster and destruction that humankind leaves behind them. On my journeys however I was confronted by the most unlikely of things. A saviour of sorts. It was he whom, upon our encounter, saved me from a gang of (extremely large) hooded men. This person whom I have come to know, and whom I can refer to only as Shadow, is for all intents and purposes what you would call a “superhero”. From what I’ve seen here, and around the web, it is clear the level of knowledge the general public has on the topic of real-life “superheroes”, and I have to say, for the most part (and for now fortunately) you have barely scratched the surface. Shadow is part of an underground, a hidden population of people who, as Kevlex put so aptly, feel their calling “in every breath you take, every time you catch something before it breaks, every time you spot trouble, real or imagined.”. As much as I admire the intentions of the pseudo-superheroes displayed on this site, the reality of those, who have completely embraced this life, is much darker. There is a world below everything you know and see. A world of “Superheroes”. I don’t fully condone all the actions of some who lead this double life; some of their methods are, lets say, less than law abiding. But to reveal one would be to reveal them all. Think hard. Can you honestly remember hearing about a “mysterious hero” who saved the lives of a group of people, but disappeared before the police could identify them? Or a criminal who appeared chained to the gates of a police station (or s I said I don’t condone some of their actions) or who died under “suspicious circumstances”? These few who take on this role, as they obviously do not have “super- powers”, must use their expert fighting skills, their keen intellect, and will to make a difference. Shadow has the highest belts in kung fu and Tai kwon do, having learned from childhood, and is still learning judo and kendo. I provided him with the much-needed assortment of gadgetry (Don’t worry, I make sure it is all non-lethal). I won’t delve much into his past (as it is a touchy subject for him), but sufficed to say he is an orphan for less than natural reasons. While still in need of much guidance, I believe he has great potential, and can truly play his part in making a difference.

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